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Ann Gollifer

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Ann Gollifer is a permanent resident of Botswana. She has lived and worked in Gaborone since 1985. Born in British Guiana, (Guyana), 1960, she has an English father and an Amerindian mother. In 1983 she graduated from Edinburgh University with a Masters degree in History of Art. An Artist member of the Thapong Visual Art Centre, Gaborone, Ann was part of the executive committee, responsible for the building of the centre.


I am a painter and printmaker. I draw on photography, music, dance and literature for my work which is inspired by the human condition; history, identity, both personal and collective. 2010 


2000 – "THREE WOMEN THREE PERSPECTIVES", an exhibition of new work by Ann Gollifer, Coex ae Qgam (Dada) and Neo Matome that travelled to Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Windhoek and Gaborone; funded and hosted by the Alliance Francaise, Botswana. 

2001-"HOCHE KOCHE" a multi media performance, originated, designed and co-produced by Ann Gollifer with Steve Dyer, musician and composer, Johannesburg and the Tumbuka Dance Company, Harare. The performance premiered in Harare at HIFA and then toured: Gaborone, The Grahamstown festival and the Dance Festival in Avignon, France.  It toured France in 2002 and returned to the WITS theatre in Johannesburg for the 2002 Dance Umbrella.

  • 2002- "MONOMOTAPA", residency exhibition at the Fordsburg Studios, Johannesburg.
  • 2006-"LINHAS DE SANGUE, TERRITORIES OF THE HEART", a solo exhibition, Museu Nacional de Arte, Maputo, Mozambique.
  • 2008 'WORD' a collaborative exhibition of paintings, drawings and collage from 4 Artists: Ann Gollifer, Sedireng Mothibatsela, Steve Jobson and Monica Mosarwa, at the Grahamstown festival, The Monument.  
  • 2008-Open studio, DUMBO, Triangle New York.
  • 2009-"GODDESSES AND SUPER HEROES" An exhibition of new work at the Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg. 
  • 2010 Solo show: 'WHAT AM I DOING HERE? KE DIRANG HA?  July, BICHA Gallery, Gabriel's Wharf, South Bank, London. 


Carter's suit, New York, USA
A commission to make a personalised suit for Carter Foster, the Curator of the Whitney Museum of American Art, to wear to the Burning Man Festival 2009.

Paul Harris commission, JOHANNESBURG 2009. large scale wall panel; 30x300x300mm stretched canvases. Portrait of a family. 

RESIDENCIES Fordsburg Art Studios, The Bag Factory, Johannesburg, 2002 


THAPONG, Botswana 1991, 1993, 2001

MBILE, Zambia, 1998

TUPELO, South Africa, 2000

TRIANGLE, New York, USA, 2008 

Ann Gollifer is currently represented by The Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg and the BICHA Gallery, London 


The best way to describe my practice is to explain my recent work, the work that I am engaged in at present and the work that I am in the process of conceptualising. 


Urban Camouflage and Street Safaris, Gaborone, Botswana I worked with a group of teenagers, making them suits with fabric I had overprinted with linocuts. They wore the suits in different location; the street, the cemetery, the National Monuments site, the bus rank, the market, the hairdressers etc. The suits made them stand out but at the same time granted them an immediate intimacy with onlookers who wanted to join in the shoot. The project explored "identity" and "community" through public performance. An article on this project was published in the April 2010 issue of AFTRICAEMEDITERRANEO. 

Goddesses and Super Heroes, Gaborone, Johannesburg all works on German Print over laid with screen, lino ink, acrylic, oil, cotton thread Botswana panels (07):1200x1200mm. Goddesses (08):760x1750mm. Super Heroes (09):approx.900x800mm.  I overprint fabric with images from my collection of lino cuts that refer to everyday experiences; the things I see,  images that reflect the society I live in, its beauty as well as its ugliness. I began working on the pieces in this show in 2007. The three Botswana panels on German print were completed first. German print, leteisi in Setswana, represents Botswana, the place I have lived and worked for the last 24 years and that is now my home. It has strong cultural significance in terms of women and their status in the home as well as in the public sphere. 

The Goddesses were begun while I was reading Ovid's Metamorphosis. Ovid's writing brought to mind our need to humanise nature, combining it with our own to create beings that protect us from the terrors within and without ourselves. I decided to make a series of goddesses. Each piece of fabric was first screen printed with images taken from the lino cuts and then overlayed with my body outline as a starting point. Using my own outline makes the goddesses self portraits but because it is only an outline it can represent all women.  After the goddesses were complete I felt it necessary to explore the notion of male energy, so began the Super Heroes, choosing figures that have a personal meaning for me, interspersed with everyones favourite comic strip heroes. The characteristics of our contemporary Super Heroes can be related directly back to the Greek gods, their strength and fallibility. It is interesting to think about historical figures like the Three Chiefs (the founding fathers of Botswana) and see how time gathers around them a "god status". 


Production and direction of "Little Foot" with Steve Dyer. Johannesburg Collaboration with composer Steve Dyer on a multi media perfomance of his music with contemporary dance. The concept grew out of a visit we made together to the Sterkfontein caves, Gauteng, the "Cradle of Mankind" site where the fossil remains of " Little foot" an early Hominid were discovered. The piece will be an exploration in dance, music and image, of what it is to be human. 

The DADA book A biography/portrait of Coex ae Qgam, Ncoekhoe painter of the Kuru Art Project, D'Kar, Botswana. Nearing completion after 7 years research. 

Raw materials series, conceptualisation linked to the 'Driving into Colour' series of large format landscapes on canvas. 

Collaboration with the Cameroonian Artist Gody Leye for projects in Mali and Dakar 2011 and 2012 incorporating the continuation of the "Urban Camouflage Street Safaris" concept.

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