21 May 2018

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Mafulo House,
Broadhurst, Gaborone.
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Visual Arts

Ulf Nermark

My name is Ulf Peter Nermark. I have worked and resided in Botswana since 1990. I am a Swedish citizen, born on the 20th of August 1956 in Alingsas, Swedish.

I am vice chairperson of Botswana Society for the Arts representing the photography sector.

Thapong Visual Art Centre

Thapong provides a venue for the visual arts in Botswana through maintaining studios, Residencies and workshops.
The workshops promote the sharing of art skills and stimulation of professional artists, school leavers, and art teachers. They can either be of two-week duration or shorter and weekend workshops have also being run.

Instructors are professionals from in and outside Botswana, if available,  from other International workshops and the  workshop Network generally.   As professional visiting artists, they provide stimulation and a fresh perspective.

Camola Valarezo

Camola Valarezo, born in Ecuador. Arrived in Gaborone in 2009.Studied Occupational Therapy in The Netherlands and Art Therapy in Brazil. Botswana is the 9th country to be called home for her and her husband during their 26 years of travelling. Camola was always a lover of hand work but could start only after leaving Ecuador in 1985.

Ann Gollifer

Ann Gollifer is a permanent resident of Botswana. She has lived and worked in Gaborone since 1985. Born in British Guiana, (Guyana), 1960, she has an English father and an Amerindian mother. In 1983 she graduated from Edinburgh University with a Masters degree in History of Art.

Veryan Edwards

My work comprises installations and abstract and semi-abstract painting. I love sketching Nature and that experience comes into my work at times. Generally, I work with concepts and themes, very often metaphysical in nature