20 July 2018

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Camola Valarezo

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Camola Valarezo, born in Ecuador. Arrived in Gaborone in 2009.Studied Occupational Therapy in The Netherlands and Art Therapy in Brazil. Botswana is the 9th country to be called home for her and her husband during their 26 years of travelling. Camola was always a lover of hand work but could start only after leaving Ecuador in 1985.

After learning tapestry weaving in a short period of time while in Saudi Arabia from a Native American researcher, she continued her own path of learning different art techniques like silk painting, sculpture in ceramic, Sumie (oriental brush painting) while every time changing to a new country. Since 1998 has  thought tapestry weaving to adults and children.

Arriving in the Far East she started creating a new style of tapestry weaving, giving a transparent look to her works. Being a lover of nature and peace, she came up with the idea of working tapestries with natural and recycled materials, Botswana is the first witness of this new style.Her first project of this kind of art was with the children at Old Naledi given experience of building their small frames and works from scratch by themselves, with sticks, leaves, grass and others.

I have shared this new idea with all the ladies at Oodi Weavers in the last couple of months, wishing they can include this technique in their repertoire.Being in communication with Mrs. Keshonya from Maun (basket weaving) we have decided to give a workshop to the ladies in Maun. She is quite enthusiastic about bringing new possibilities of art and work to the community.Camola has also given workshops on Relaxation, Meditation and Art Application at Thapong Art Center and UB, Gaborone.

  • First and private exhibition in Seoul 2003
  • Participated at various venues of the Latinamerica 2004- Festival in Hong Kong and Macao.
  • Exhibitions at Yokohama and Tokyo 2007
  • First solo exhibition at Café y Libros in Tokyo, March 2009
  • Participation at Sumie exhibition in Ginza – Tokyo 2009
  • Participation in the Art Gathering at Westwood School, Gaborone 2010
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