20 July 2018

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Photo Gallery

Botswana Society for the Arts AGM

Thank you very much for your support for those who attended The Botswana Society for the Arts AGM on Saturday 17th May 2014 and those who could not make it but had other events. Although the turnout was not as expected we had a very productive AGM and important issues were discussed. Below are the 2014/15 Executive Committee members that will lead the organization here forth: Jakes Motlhabane – Chairperson Ulf Nermark – Vice Chairperson Renee Eisen Khonat – Secretary Tshepiso Nkgakile – Treasurer Botlhe Makgekgenene – Marketing and Publicity Thabo Makgato – Business Jane Swartland – Networks You will be notified of the years strategy, plans and activities that we can collaborate to follow on from here.


On the 23 of April 2014, Limkokwing University signed a Memorandum of understanding with the Botswana Society Arts, as a way of motivating the youth and public towards treating the creative industries, as an alternative avenue for employment, diversification of the economy and poverty eradication. As part of the agreement, Limkokwing awarded the BSA with 10 scholarships worth P1.2million which will provide its members with advanced pathways into Limkokwing’s relevant Degree programmes. Secondly, the agreement serves to promote education and arts, to motivate the youth towards excellence and eventually enable Batswana to successfully compete for international awards on the global platform. Lastly, the agreement will enable an exchange programme where Limkokwing students and staff as well as BSA members will have the opportunity to use each other’s specialised facilities for programme training purposes. The scholarships were presented by former Minister of Education and patron of BSA, Dr. Gaositwe Chiepe.

Phikwe Photography Workshop

Botswana Society for the Arts conducted a photoshop in Selibe Phikwe on March 2014 for the youth.This was to teach them about photography.22 young photographers managed to achieve different styles of photography over a period of 10 days during a Photo Workshop held in Selebi Pikwe 11th to 20th March 2014. Only few of them had any previous knowledge. The 100+ photographs presented during the exhibition at the end of the exhibition should be seen as “work in progress” as it is not possible to become a full-fledged photography artist from a 10-day workshop.Some of the participants indicated that they would like to start a photo club in Phikwe as a follow-up to the workshop.The photo activities included the mining industry, as well as the natural beauty of the surrounding areas. The participants followed a steam train collecting ore from the mine. They also went to the the over-flowing Letsibogo Dam and a now flowing river to take scenic photos. More than 100 photographs were presented at an exhibition the last day and the results were reported on by Daily News as well as by BTv news. Sponsors and partners; Without the kind financial support of our sponsors there would have been no workshop. We would like to thank the Department of Arts and Culture for the grant and BCL for their kind contribution of morning teas and visit to steam train operation as well as to the Phikwe Golf Club that let us use their Club House for free.

Tlokweng Photography Workshop

Botswana Society for the Arts in collaboration with Botswana society for the deaf, Department of Arts and culture, Department of Youth office of the president and department of information services organised a photography workshop in March 2014.This workshop was aimed at training youth with hearing disability in photography training methods and skills to equip them to be able to either get employed or employ themselves by tapping from the the youth development fund. The workshop ended in an exhibition that was a marvel to the eye as well as awards of certificates to the participants.One of the best participants chosen by the group, went by the nickname "Dizozo" walked out with a camera sponsored by BDO.

BSA Members Come Together and Tshwetso Launch

This was a meet and mingle reception for the BSA members as the last event for the year in which members were brought together to catch-up on what they have been involved in as individual members as well with joint initiatives with the BSA. The event in it witnessed the launch of a fresh project titled Tshwetso; which is a collaborative project between poets and photographers focused on telling the stories of an HIV Era from the perspective of a young person and artist. Tshwetso will be rolling out into tertiary institutions as of January 2014 till March being the Month of Youth Against AIDS in Botswana. We would like to acknowledge the following sponsors: Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Pick 'n' Pay and BNYC, who all made this event possible and successful, thank you very much and hope to continue with our formidable relationship.

Art for Change poetry workshop

They took place in Old Naledi from the 1st to the 3rd of April 2013. One the facilitators of the workshops Karabo Mosimanegape said, " The experience was both refreshing and enriching for both the facilitators and the kids, it was interesting to note that most of them considered the workshops to be live changing in a way though they did not put it in the same words they kept on asking when there will be another thing like it and some even said art / poetry is now their carrier of choice. "

Art For Change

This initiative seeks to utilize street art as a medium for spreading awareness about pressing social issues affecting the Old Naledi Community, whilst imparting fundamental artistic skills to Old Naledi youth through self-empowerment workshops. The creative Arts Workshops, focusing on music, visual art and writing skills were provided for interested youth in the Old Naledi community at the Community Centre. These workshops were coordinated by three local art practitioners and facilitators. The workshops were divided into three groups [Music, Visual Art, Writing Skills] spread evenly over a 12 day period.

Tapestry weaving exhibition at Westwood International School

Sweet cakes, smiling faces, fine art and a cool summers evening. Such was the mood and theme at Westwood International’s annual event Sweet Beginnings on Thursday January 31st 2013. The quirky evening is specifically designed to welcome new and returning parents to the school’s fresh academic year over sweet treats and a good laugh. Parents also had the opportunity to meet and greet the teachers who they have entrusted with the daunting – yet enriching – task of molding their young children’s minds. Teachers who, this year amount to some 34 varying ethnicities, a wonderful testament to the vastly multicultural student community of the ‘international’ institution.

Tapestries by Camola

Camola has been doing tapestry weaving since 1987 and teaching since 1998 in different countries. She started adding the use of natural raw materials that are easily found around all Botswana. This technique could not be more than appropriate to be taught in Botswana, where there is abundance of types of grasses, seeds and natural materials and of course enough waste to be transformed in raw material for weaving and for many other types of creative uses.

Thornhill workshop

6 week workshop with Thornhill Primary targeting students aged 9-12 as well as two art teachers.