20 July 2018

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Ulf Nermark

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My name is Ulf Peter Nermark. I have worked and resided in Botswana since 1990. I am a Swedish citizen, born on the 20th of August 1956 in Alingsas, Swedish.

I am vice chairperson of Botswana Society for the Arts representing the photography sector. I was the photographer/photo editor for the magazine of the society for the arts artifacts between 2005 and 2009. Since 2006 I have organized regional and national photography workshops. Prior to that I chaired Photographic Society of Botswana for 4 years, during which time we also organized local exhibitions as well as one international salon.

Over the years I have actively documented different aspects of Botswana contemporary life, both rural and urban. I also have images from other African and from 30 other countries in Asia, Australia, Europe and America.
My photographs have been published in tourist publications (Marung/Peolwane, The tourist, Botswana focus, Discover Botswana, Hotel and catering magazine), educational books (Logman, MacMillian, Heinemann) and in several government publications (Botswana national atlas, newsletters, tourist’s pamphlets, calendars for department of wildlife and department of tourism). UNDP country report and annually for 10 years in the Botswana commerce review.

My photographs have been exhibited at the annual photographic exhibitions at the national art gallery and toured the other local museums in the country. I am also the member of Thapong visual art centre and my photographs have been exhibited at the centre.

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