20 July 2018

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Veryan Edwards

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My work comprises installations and abstract and semi-abstract painting. I love sketching Nature and that experience comes into my work at times. Generally, I work with concepts and themes, very often metaphysical in nature.

I continue to question reality even as I explore issues of relationships, identity, gender, HIV/AIDS and poverty; generally I work with whatever takes my interest and all could be called metaphors for asking “what is this life?”To me, the nature of reality means to work with the opposites, the pain and the beauty, and bring them together to that moment of balance between tensions that is Harmony.

At that moment, we can maybe access “Truth”. And arriving there is as much a matter of process as it is in having a preconceived idea. I love colour, contrast, contradiction and vast skies. And the veils of illusion that we peer through to see to the core of things; not that I claim to do more than peer.

I expect people to bring to the work their own interpretations and experience and so complete it. It is an ongoing challenge to create an “environment” for experience through art, together with the possibility of engaging the viewer / person’s interest and awareness.

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