20 July 2018

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Mafulo House,
Broadhurst, Gaborone.
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The Botswana Society for the Arts was founded in 1996. It is a not-for-profit NGO run by a committee of volunteers, and is currently the only umbrella organisation devoted to the development and promotion of the visual and performing arts.

Improving the profile
of the arts


- Promoting the arts
- Advocacy
- Lobbying
- Raising awareness

Networking regionally,
nationally and globally


- Collaborating
- Affiliating
- Communicating

Providing help and


- Skills training
- Links to services
- Professionalism
- Information dissemination
- Research


Visual Arts   Performing Arts   Literature

Evening at Thapong 360 degrees

An interesting one-evening-only event was held at Thapong Visual Art Centre on Friday 26th July, featuring the display of three art pieces by creative artists; Ivy Radipodi-Mpitjane, Keatleretse Kate Kwati and Veryan Edwards, instigator and co-founder of Thapong International Artists Workshop and

Our network has been divided into two categories: local and international. They indicate the relationship between each organisation and the Botswana Society for the Arts.


You love the arts and want to make them your career? Or perhaps you want to volunteer with the BSA.