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Title: Communication
Venue: Gaborone
Date: 31 May 2007

The American Business in Botswana is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote commerce and investment between USA and Botswana. The council has committed to hosting vents that promote business and in recent years, the focus has been on sectors that are critical to economic development such as tourism, finance and transport.

This seminar takes into cognisance the role of Information technology in business. The ABC recognize ICT as a driver to growth and prosperity in any context. Many experts agree that technology accounts for  the wide economic discrepancy between African  states and developed nations. According to "The Global Information Technology Report 2006-2007", which is published by the World Economic Forum, Botswana, which has been termed one of the "ICT champions" in sub-Saharan Africa, has dropped 11 places to 67th position in the "Networked Readiness Index 2006". This Report acknowledges that. although ICT penetration has generally increased in the region, it has not moved as fast as the rest of the world. The report attributes this to a lack of extensive and efficient infrastructure, over regulated business environments and poor governance and education standards in Sub-Saharian Africa




Title:"Which Port?:- The Great Debate"
Venue: Gaborone
Date: 15 May 2007

The American Business Council has seen it fitting to once again host a transport seminar, after the huge success of the 2006 initiative. This is to address the ever-existing challenges presented by our import trade more efficient in the face of these challenges.

"Which Port?The Great Transport Debate" aims to explore the benefits offered by each regions port, including Durban, Nacal, Maputo and Walvis Bay for efficiency in trade. This Seminar aims to highlight some of the upcoming developments in the Transport sector in Botswana which will leverage on the country's strategic location in the region and position it as a gateway for South Africa and Namibia into central and east Africa.